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D&A is a mission-based innovative finance advisory firm focused on designing and structuring blended and outcome-based financing solutions for public, philanthropic, and private sector capital providers. We provide advisory, research, advocacy, and market-building services to drive capital towards sustainable development.

We work across segments on the impact finance spectrum that helps us to compare the different types of capital used to finance sustainable development by (i) increasing financial returns from left to right & (ii) the social or environmental impact it tries to create from right to left.


To increase the quantum of social impact finance, & the extent to which it is outcome based.

D&A is dedicated to pioneering innovative finance solutions for sustainable development and improving the efficacy of deployed through outcome-focused strategies. We offer comprehensive support to capital providers, government and ecosystem players with a focus on driving capital towards impactful initiatives.
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Kartikeya N Desai

Founder & CEO

Kartik Desai, Founder & CEO of Desai & Associates, is considered a pioneer of social finance in India, with leadership roles at four leading impact investing institutions, advising investors, donors, corporates, policymakers and academics and demonstrating a track record of successful impact investments and exits in the last 15 years.

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Nitin Dayalji Desai

Chairman of Advisory Board

Nitin Desai is an Indian economist and international civil servant. He was Under Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations from 1992 to 2003 and Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, and Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India from 1987-1990.

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