Development Economics for Sustainability And Impact

Desai and Associates (D&A) is a mission-based innovative finance advisory firm focused on designing and structuring blended and outcome-based financing solutions for public, philanthropic, and private sector capital providers. We provide advisory, research, advocacy, and market-building services to drive capital towards sustainable development
D&A works across two verticals: (i) advising founders and funders on intervention design and efficient and effective allocation of capital, (ii) helping to build market ecosystems through education, advocacy and capacity building efforts. We leverage our interdisciplinary expertise and thought leadership on social finance through a strong network of partnerships across the innovative finance ecosystem. We help clients achieve sustainability and impact while building markets and fostering collaboration.



We (i) produce explainer videos, (ii) publish white papers & industry publications, (iii) design online courses, (iv) develop newsletters, & (v) maintain a blog through cutting-edge research to democratize knowledge on impact finance. We also aggregate relevant resources on particular segments and key sector-specific challenges. Find more information on our ‘Resources’ page.

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